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What Is Journeying?

What Is Journeying?

And why would I need to know how to do that?

What Is Journeying?

Lora asked two questions during our public Mentorship that she was asked by somebody curious about the teachings, “What is journeying, and why would I need to know how to do that?”

This episode is Kay’s answer.

Kay, in her unique, beautiful way of expressing things without leaving anything out that the spirits feel people need to hear to have a greater chance of grasping what she is sharing, touches on so many things to answer those two questions.

She starts by talking about “Ikta,” an acronym we coined that stands for “I know that already.” An affliction affecting many people, and when you have a case of Ikta, you’re learning, healing, and growing are on hold.

Then she talks about journeying and why you want to learn how to do that, and she uses “The Journey To The Crystal Cave” as an example. The Crystal Cave Journey offers profound healing experiences that are only available in that cave to shift your being and your way of being in and experiencing the world quite dramatically and beautifully. 

It’s also a journey that Kay is guiding her students live in her upcoming course.

Then she talks about the difference between journeying and visualizations and that the latter, while valid for its own reasons, is not journeying. And in the process, she talks about signatures and the importance of learning what they are.

It’s just over 22 minutes full of beautiful wisdom nuggets.

Enjoy listening.

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Wishing you a happy weekend full of love and beauty!

Love and Song,


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