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Ka Ta See Mentorship - The Real Experience! Part 2

Ka Ta See Mentorship - The Real Experience! Part 2

Part 2 of our public Mentorship Session, unedited.

As both the head and subheadline say, this is part 2 of our public Mentorship.

If you haven’t watched or listened to part 1, it’d be a good idea to do that. It will help you better understand what is being shared in part 2.

Here is the link:

Ka Ta See
Ka Ta See Mentorship - The Real Experience!
Listen now (98 min) | We have a monthly Mentorship Session, which our students love. We decided to open this month’s session to the public, and it was a beautiful experience. If you want to taste what being part of our Mentorship is like, listen or watch. Enjoy! Song to Song…
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Opening this Mentorship session to everyone was such a special experience. Our friend Lora said it so beautifully when she shared afterward.

Here is what she shared:

“You talk the way I understand.”

“I’m still enjoying all the beautiful energy still swirling from yesterday’s public Live Mentorship with Kay. The magic, for lack of a better word, still feels like it’s with me. I feel the potential of all that was shared and expressed.

“One sentence I keep hearing was spoken by someone not currently in the studies. They said, “You talk the way I understand.” YES! Those words took me back to my very first day and every day after that of my first Level One Apprenticeship Course Studies. I felt and remembered that feeling myself when it was said.

“Those days with Kay I sat in one of our empty bedrooms with my phone on speaker. We didn’t have Zoom yet. When Kay spoke the lost feeling I had for years while searching for truth and answers,  dissolved.  I could feel at the core of my being I was finally hearing the truth. Pieces were falling into place, dots were connecting…answers, I was getting answers. Call by call I was coming out of the dark I had been in for so many years.

“Kay spoke the way I understood.


“I’m thrilled we have Zoom now. If we had Zoom back almost nine years ago, the others online would have seen me crying, rocking, and fist bounding the sky that… one “this” was real… and two, I wasn’t crazy. OMGoodness… and there were others.

“It’s not like I hadn’t tried other things. I study from a few popular and famous spiritual teachers some of you have heard about. After completing their courses I was still left lost. My fears of being crazy definitely hadn’t disappeared. 

“In many of the studies and practices, I felt I was just creating a new lie. I definitely wasn't getting the "truth rattle" as I like to refer to it. I kept asking “the universe” please send me a teacher in physical form. With an emphasis on PHYSICAL form.

“I could make this post longer by sharing the details of how I found Kay’s book, The Reluctant Shaman, registered for her class, chickened out, and found her class again a couple of years later, but I’ll stop and just say, “wow”. Yesterday was such a gift.

“These practices aren’t for everyone, but they are for everyone. Everyone who wants and is willing to do the work can have this beauty, connection, and aliveness. Kay lead me out of my dark time, to a life I’m thrilled to live every day, with so much incredible REAL magic.

“So much gratitude to all of you who joined yesterday. Thank you for making the day so special.”

- Lora Keddie

You can learn more about Lora and her work with Ka Ta See, and get in touch with her @ www.lorakeddie.com.

You can learn more about Ka Ta See and contact me @ www.katasee.com.

To learn more about one of our big wonderful courses coming up, that Lora mentions in her sharing, go to Healing Arts Apprenticeship One.

Thank you for your interest in these ancient Peruvian Shamanic Teachings! And in our work!

Song to Song,


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